End religious influence over Government
Ummm arrrr
What about also:

End humanism influence over Government.


End secular influence over Government. 


End all influence over Government. 
So the humanists find religion is a threat to good Governance. 

Do the humanists want to control Government? It looks that way. So the humanists want a secular Government. 
Religion interference in Government can and has been detrimental to the good of society. Religion can be bigoted and hypocritical. We get the religious bigots who think they know it all. We get the religious hypocrites who do not practice what they preach. We get the religious evangelicals who are trying to save every dog, cat, Bob, Gloria and save them all over again and again. They can save one person many times. You can get saved (each time) in to many denominations. 
How far can we go with: “Do not influence Government”. 
Religion is an important thread to our frantic of society. A lot of people have some kind of belief and or faith. 
Separation of religion and State is hardly possible. Each person voted in to Government takes with them their religion; it could be their belief in aliens in outer space or coming back to earth after death as another creature etc. Religion is about a persons God the god they worship and or follow in spirit. They may worship the football players of their local team. Idols are peoples spiritual gods. Religion is just not about the main religions of Christian, Hindu, Islam or Jewish. Religion is about belief and belief is about god or God. 
I could say to these humanists we should not have secular policies influencing Government. 
The public vote in their leaders; we call it democracy; so we vote in who we want of those up for leadership. If we want to vote in a person who is a Christian believer we can we have that choice.

And if the Christian believer gets voted in to parliament he or she can bring to the sitting parliament bills of his or her choice. Such bills are passed or lost according to the vote of parliamentarians.  
The secularists can vote in who they want in to parliament. 
What we want is DEMOCRACY.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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