The current world’s nuclear reactors are I think fission.

From article: “Nuclear fission — a chain reaction where 👉 uranium atoms are split to release extraordinary amounts of energy 👈 and, unfortunately, high levels of radioactive waste.
But a different type of nuclear reaction — nuclear fusion — has been the focus of research to develop nuclear power without the radioactive waste problem.
Nuclear fusion is the reaction that powers the Sun. It involves 👉 smashing hydrogen atoms together under extraordinary temperature and pressure, fusing them together to form helium atoms and releasing a large amount of energy 👈 and radioactive waste. But unlike fission, this radioactive waste is short-lived, quickly decaying to undetectable levels.
Nuclear fusion happens readily in stars like the Sun, because their cores reach extreme temperatures of over 15 million degrees Celsius, and pressures billions of times greater than our atmospheric pressure on Earth”. Finish of article.
So is the example of the sun teaching us on the best form of energy to harness? 
Then there’s the H Bom – this Bom is powered by fusion. 
Fission produces too much radioactive waste. Fusion produces little radioactive waste.

Knowledge can be used for good or evil. Knowledge will eventually kill everyone. Without knowledge there is just IGNORANT BLISS. So in heaven do we have knowledge or ignorant bliss. They say paradise is BLISS. Heaven is paradise. The closest this earth came to paradise was THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Ignorant bliss is simple. Simple is unadulterated. I believe The Garden of Eden actually existed. There was no killings in this garden. Life in this garden was very simple. Evil did not rule this garden. The devil the snake was there but he did not rule this garden. God ruled this garden. God protects the simple.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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