What do you do???

Do you mean what is my purpose in life?

No what do you do?

What gives me meaning you mean?

No, do you know, do!

My purpose in life is to bring good cheer and glad tidings to people.

Look, what you do and what purpose you have can be very different.
So do people live for a good purpose or do people do just for the sake of earning money?
(People work without purpose. People do not live. People are focussed on money. Money has a hold over their lives. They know no different. People are not free they are slaves to money. People are not really living; they are dead to heaven and it’s WORDS. People are scared of being poor. Get money and live. Get a living from money. Money gives life to them; money is life. But really money is not living; it is dead; and making money ones God makes ones mind and heart dead).
It’s the money. 

We are not interested in meaning or purpose we want to know your earning power. 

So you value my life according to how much money I am worth.

Yes yes yes. Money makes the world go around. 

So how much money are you worth?

My salary you mean.

Oh forget it. This talk is boring me. Money can be so shallow. People live for money and not purpose. People don’t think and reflect. People live in a day dream. It’s about lotto and hoping to win the big pay out. Husbands and wives are bored of each other. The children are playing in the spiritual dark side. The children see the hypocrisy of their parents. The children know their parents are living a lie.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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