The communists promised utopia to the masses. But no utopia came. The collectives, the communes were a drastic failure. 

So how can we reach utopia? Is it possible? Utopia is like the GARDEN OF EDEN. Its a place where each human is valued by his Godliness not by how much money he/she has. God is the value of measurement not money. But how do we do away with money and what will replace it? 
God gave mankind WISDOM but mankind wanted KNOWLEDGE. Satan knows knowledge will eventually kill all mankind. What about the H bom. Will not the H bom vaporise mankind? Or will the H bom vaporise some and leave other’s behind? The H bom might be the equivalent power of a sun. Knowledge kills but it heals too. But we just get a stale mate in knowledge; no one is a winner; the only winner is in the next life. Jesus to defeat Satan had to die. Death took Satan down. The good has to die to destroy the evil. But God has the last laugh. God takes the good in to heaven. The evil go to hell. Knowledge will die in mankind and in that death all the good that knowledge did through mankind will die with it; it will be as if mankind got no knowledge at all. 
Utopia can be possible with WISDOM not knowledge. Knowledge kills but wisdom is a flat playing field, everyone is equal. We play for our needs not wants. The Garden of Eden was utopia and the snake was there. In this Garden God reigned. Can we go back to a utopia like this Garden? But man has knowledge and there is now no turning back. A Garden where people live in ignorant simplistic bliss is now not possible. “Make your bed and you have to sleep in it”. Mankind chose not WISDOM but KNOWLEDGE; was that clever? Eve thought it was clever. The snake thought it was clever. 
So mankind can not have utopia. Not with knowledge. We can have wise people though. The wisdom that God gives is ONLY through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Wisdom outside Jesus Christ is vanity and a waste of time. Man does make up his own wisdom; there are many gurus that come along regularly pushing their own brand of wisdom. “Fools gold” I call it. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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