Let’s be honest here we have a monarch who is reigning head of Australia and this monarch is Queen Elizabeth and she lives in the UK. Why have our leader living thousands of miles away? Why have our leader not elected by the people of Australia? This is the Windsor family and they are in charge of our country solely because of tradition; no one wants to rock the boat; we are used to this way; we are like sheep and we just go along with the others; we need a shepherd and we don’t like changing our shepherds. People HATE change. Change upsets people. Change means growth. Change distracts. We want to go along in the same groove. 
The monarch is simply a family of humans not Gods!!!!
Democracy means rule by the people for the people. The democratic rule is that the countries citizens vote in their own people to represent them. In the USA we hear of the House of Representatives. The leaders represent the voters. The voters control the representatives through voting. 
Monarchy is out dated. Monarchy had its place in the past. We grow up. We the people are enlightened and can understand leading. The people can lead through their representatives. Monarchy was not all bad, it played its part, now we move on. 
Colin Barnett is probably right – wait until the present Queen abdicates or dies. Some how the present Queen has to see out her reign before Australia can go republic. 
When Australia goes republic we must then look more to the USA as an ally more so than to the UK. The USA might be more willing to protect us in time of war than the UK.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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