Nuclear weapons on submarines gives its owning nation SECOND STRIKE capability. Having second strike capability gives the host nation the back up DETERRENT. Second strike capability deters any belligerent nations away from striking first with nuclear knowing that to do so would be nation suicide. 
So second strike capability is a sound deterrent. If your nation is wiped out from a nuclear attack and in this attack your first strike nuclear weapons are destroyed then you still have second strike capability. Submarines can be well hidden. But in the future if submarines can not be hidden then the value of second strike submarines gets limited. In the future there could come about technology that finds nuclear subs in little time. What the U.K. is saying is that they really can not afford the next generation of nuclear subs with nuclear weapons. TRIDENT is ok for now but soon they will be out dated. 
Maybe leave all second strike capability to the USA. The USA is on our side. Maybe nations like the USA and the U.K. and Australia and Canada and New Zealand can come to a combined defence arrangement where these nations defence funds can contribute towards paying for such defence as second strike capability. Second strike capability is a necessary evil. It means the aggressor in striking first won’t win BUT it also means no one will win; it will be a nuclear nightmare for the WHOLE world. The H Bom means people will just be vaporised. Most people most likely won’t know it’s coming, here, gone.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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