Loyalty to what????

Muslims commit loyalty to the Australian way. BUT what is the Australian way? Is the Australian way British? is it European? is it Christian? So is the Australian way the culture of Australia? What is culture? Customs, yes; beliefs, yes; religion, politics and sport, yes. Australia was based on British culture. British culture in the early settler days was based on Christianity; the bible was the book that this culture got its wisdom from. We are first and foremost people of the BOOK. The book in this case is the BIBLE. But other cultures also have their BOOKS. See we humans need words. Words make us humans. We need words to guide us, lead us, protect us, inspire us, feed us, enliven us, nourish us; we are essentially soul and spirit and such needs words to live. Muslims have their book the Koran. The Koran is the book that imparts Muslims with their wisdom. So we have two main books in this world. There are other books of wisdom but the Bible and Koran out do all others. The Koran is the book foremost of the Arabs and the Bible was initially began for the Jews. Arab and Jew, both fighting for their place in this world. But are not Arab and Jew related. But the Jew was chosen by God not the Arab. The Jew inherited the “PROMISE OF GOD”, the Arab did not. Christianity comes from the Jews. Christians inherited the “PROMISE” through the Jews. Jesus a Jew. So the Arabs and their converts contend with the people of the “PROMISE”. Muslims contend with Christians and Jews. The Koran is not the book of the PROMISE. The Bible is the book of the PROMISE. 

So the enemy of the Jews and Christians is the Muslim. But we have also the dragon and his snakes to contend with. The Dragon is Asia or more specifically China; it is the strongest Asian nation and China fits that bill at this time. Japan used to be strong. Snakes abound in the wisdom of the East, as does the dragon. Religions that hold up the snake as a deity are religions beholden to the Dragon. The snake has many names depending on what nation you are in. 
The Arab came from the loins of Abraham, as did the Jews. But Abraham could have only one heir. Isaac. Ishmael (Arab), Isaacs half brother was banished. Isaac the ancestor of the 12 tribes of Israel. Jews and Arabs might eventually fight it out to the end. A war of wars. 
But the final war between Arab and Jew may not be the only big war; there might be the big war between the Christians and the Dragon/snakes. China might go to war with the USA/West.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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