Stamp on that snake.
The snake might bite my heels.

And we might bruise the snakes head.

Head is above, heels are below. 

Bring to heel the snake.

My heart communes with my head and my head communes with my heart.

My head is alive. My heart is alive.

I pray from my heart to my head.

My human spirit is in my heart.

My human spirit prays.

Flesh and its wisdom get in the way of true understanding.

There are the people born at the will of the spirit and there are people born at the will of the flesh.

Spirit born people are the “People of the promise”. 

“People of the promise” inherit Gods will. 

There is flesh wisdom and there is Spirit wisdom.

Gods wisdom is through Gods own Spirit.

My soul is saved, in the above, in the metaphorical heaven.

Heaven is above, but not above where people can get to in their own human endeavours. So astronauts going up in to the heavens do not go to the heaven God talks about. Going up there in the physical in mans way is not getting saved. 

God and His Angels are not living on other planets.

God is SPIRIT.

Gods Spirit can be very small. I mean look at an atom; ok it’s too small to see, but one atom is all powerful.

Big does not necessary mean powerful.

Small can mean all powerful.

My soul above is in heaven. My soul is saved.

God makes heaven. God made heaven.

God uses metaphors.

Jesus lives in a physical body. A heavenly physical body. Jesus lives. 

So where does Jesus live? In heaven, yes. But where? Heaven is above but not above in mans fleshy understanding. Heaven is above to the soul and spirit. Heaven is in our thinking. Heaven is in Words. But heaven is a body, a spiritual body that has transcended from an earthly body to a heavenly body. It’s all very mysterious. 
So Jesus could be anywhere and everywhere, there is no limiting Jesus.

Why does Jesus allow so much suffering in this world? God gives mankind free will. So does free will mean man can murder other people? Free will means just that free will. God in my estimations does not like to interfere in this world. God has already set his plan and will. Anything outside this God plan is left more or less alone. If God interferes a lot it causes many effects that changes this world so God stays out (not totally) of worldly concerns. “God helps those who help themselves” is probably accurate. God gives us spiritual gifts and intelligence and its up to us to use them. There is also the gift of wisdom; this wisdom can keep a person safe. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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