We in the Western nations are expected to pay the bills of the poor in these 3rd world nations like Nigeria. BUT not all these so called poor nations are poor in treasury funds. Nigeria a case in point is piling in the money. Nigeria is rich in oil. But the people of Nigeria live in slums and eek out a subsistence living.

So what is it with these poor nations like Nigeria? It is because of corruption that Nigeria is not way up there as a prosperous nation. All the people of Nigeria should be in nice homes and the unemployed getting benefits. We in Australia do not steal billions of dollars from our federal treasury. Ministers of State are not each taking millions of dollars out of our treasury to feather their own nests. Just imagine if our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took a billion dollars out of the federal treasury for his own use – there would be pandemonium. Malcolm would be imprisoned and no doubt for a very long time. So why is the likes of Australia and say Nigeria so very different; I mean Nigeria could have the good living standards like Australia. But Nigeria is full of corruption. But why is Nigeria so very corrupt? Is it because Nigerians lack good education? Does education free people from corruptness? No. So what frees people from corruptness? Jesus Christ; the mind of Jesus Christ; the wisdom of Jesus Christ. The Western “Free Nations” do have corruptness but not on the size of these nations like Nigeria. So why is a nation like Nigeria not a nation based on the wisdom and common sense of Gods Son Jesus Christ? Is Nigeria a land of the Devil? The Western nations built their institutions on the foundations of Christian/Jewish wisdom. Our laws come originally from the bible. The bible used to be our book of wisdom for the developing Western nations. Our leaders would (used to) take their oaths on the bible. Though the West is based on the bible; the generations following and in much numbers are now forsaking their ancestors One True God and His Son. Nigeria is not a nation based on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Every Nigerian should be living in good living standards. If Australia had the money that Nigeria was and is receiving from oil we in Australia might have a better standard of living than we have at present. So is Nigeria a foolish nation? It looks that way. If Nigeria was full of wise people in God we might not see the poor nation Nigeria is in today. 
The free nations were built on the words of the bible but many people have wandered away from the truth and worship demons. Luckily our free nations still have an abundance of God fearing people to sustain a good life in our nations. The God fearing people in the West still try and keep our institutions free of corruptness and keep our nations leaders accountable.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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  1. America On Coffee Says:

    This tyranny will come to an end. God’s justice is coming. Time is extremely short for satan rule. And let us not forget, the locusts are coming for their torture. And, for evil greedy people, there will be no where to hide. The Bible states in Matthews 5, The Sermon on the Mt. ..’Blessed are those who seek justice, for they shall have their fill.” I now understand that the book of Revelation is about ridding the world of all evil so that God’s kingdom can come. God Bless Us All!

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