The Christian church as we know it or what we can call the established church has for as long as it has existed given aid to the less fortunate. We call it charity. And I think we call charity love. 

But where is the love THE CHARITY from other religions? What charity do the Muslims give? What charity do the Buddhists give? What charity do the Hindu give? I think of the big main charities in Western nations and a lot of those began at the hands of Christians. And it’s the Western nations based on Christian/Jewish principles that give just about all the foreign aid to undeveloped nations. The nations ruled by alien gods give little or no charity to the poor or sick.
Ok so there is little or no charity with religions outside the Christian religion. Charity is the baseline for the Christian religion. 
When we have say a big natural disaster. Say a nation is hit bad by a typhoon or a earthquake or both. Who do we see sending aid to this nation? First the USA is the biggest giver of aid. Followed by other or all Western nations. Do you see the Muslim nations giving aid? – just about nil. And Nigeria with its billions of money of income each year would turn its back just as it turns its back on its own people. Even the Gulf States would give little (they are Muslim) and they are reeking of money, money from oil. Islam is not charity. Where is the love in Islam? I can not see any evidence of it in this world. I see no love in Islam and I see no love in Buddhism and I see no love in Hindu and I see no love in any religion outside Christianity. Christianity has bigots and hypocrites but it also has charity which is called love.

 Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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