Chinese companies were trying to buy a sizeable chunk of Australian land.

China may be a threat in the future, let’s not be blind about this. 
China is an authoritarian state. The communist party of China rules China with a dictatorial hand. There is no democracy in China.
China is an awakening Dragon. We do not want this Dragon to breathe its fire over Australia. We do not want to be a puppy dog to China. Australia is powerless against China if there was war. China could walk in to Australia and take over in a matter of weeks. Some masters can be brutal to their puppy dogs. 
The USA is only between China and Australia in the event of war. Without the USA Australia is down the gurgler. We think Japan was bad to the allies in the Second World War, well think Japan and think that and more. Japan was vicious to the white Anglo Saxons. Japan said it was freeing the Asians from the Anglo Saxon lords. But Japan was evil also to its own. Satan kills its own. There is division in Satan’s church.
We have to be suspicious of any Chinese company that is based in China and comes buying in Australia. 
We side with the USA in the world’s power play. The USA sides with Israel. 
There is an enemy out there The Dragon and his snakes.
Let us NOT forget the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. It was like the USA was caught napping. The leaders were busy playing golf or dining out in the officers club. 
The thief comes when you least expect him so the enemy comes when you least expect him.
Who do you let in to your house? Lust? Debauchery? Lies? Adultery? Fornication? Well if you do the enemy will come in to your house and one day he might come in and take all and burn your house down.
If you do not let lust, fornication, adultery, lies, debauchery, into your house then the enemy won’t come in. 
If you let purity, truth, honesty, love, goodness, cleanliness, in to your house and not let evil in to your home then God will come in to your house.
The same goes with a country. The enemy will know in his/her mind if they can invade a country. The enemy wars only against the sinners. Sin allows the enemy in.
God is not allowed in many houses. God is not wanted by many people. So the enemy will come in. Such is life.
We need wise leaders ruling our nation. Wise and pure and honest leaders. 
It’s in the thinking. Satan knows what we think. It’s in the words in our thoughts. 
Australia is thinking of letting the USA have access to our strategic assets for their military BUT then we let China buy in to our valuable assets all because of money – We best think this one about China over I say. 
In the future it will be about China and the USA. 
Russia seems to side with China and the EU sides with the USA.
If God is in your house you are strong because God will protect you.
In time of war do not turn to the Godless for help. It’s all in the mind and heart. The war is won first in the mind and heart. You can not go in and steal from someone when you have not overcome that someone’s mind and heart. 
You turn your back on God, God will turn his back on you.
WISDOM OF GOD calls out but people prefer not to listen or obey. 
So what are you thinking now? Come on what is going through your thoughts – Are you hating someone? Are you committing sex sins with your neighbours? Are you thinking violence against a person or persons?
The USA. They think Mr Trump will make a good leader? The republicans had better think again. If Trump does become the republicans choice then I hope for the sake of this world that Trump loses out on the Presidential win. Even the republicans second choice Ben Carson has little or no political leadership experience (though me thinks he has the good morals that make good thinking). We are coming in to an unfolding world where China is becoming very strong and we need a politically experienced President of the USA. But we need more than just political experience for the USA President we need a good moral thinking President. 
It’s in the THINKING.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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