Ecclesiastes 3:
19 “After all, the same fate awaits human beings and animals alike. One dies just like the other. They are the same kind of creature. A human being is no better off than an animal, because life has no meaning for either. 20 They are both going to the same place—the dust. They both came from it; they will both go back to it”. 
Solomon says there is no meaning of life for an animal. Then Solomon likens an animal to a human and says just as the animal has no meaning of life the human also has no meaning of life. 
So why do humans try and find the meaning to life when wise Solomon says there is no meaning to life? 
The meaning to life is really the purpose of life. We can look and understand this literally simplified. Take a tree; a seed falls to the ground, it grows, the seed becomes a sapling, the sapling becomes a full grown tree, the tree bears fruit, the fruit has seed, the seed falls to the ground, and the cycle starts again. LIFE IS A CYCLE. Life is simple; growing and procreating and dying. To look beyond the simple is complicating the answer. 
The human is birthed from the mother. He grows, he works, he procreates, he dies. The secret is finding his true God work. The ant knows his God work. A lot of creatures know their God work. The secret to knowing ones God work is to look for the simple answer, the work has to be simple, straight and true. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.




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