People who do not think before they talk could be called jerks. I mean people who are not of the head but are just of the body can be called jerks. The head should be in charge not the body. The body becomes a jerk if it does not obey the head. The head thinks. The BRAIN is in the HEAD not the BODY. The brain gives the instructions. The brain is in charge. Do not idolise the body. We want to use as much of our brain as possible. Sins darken the mind, darken the brain. Sins diminish wise thoughts. Dark thinking is powerless. Thinking in the light gives off power. We want our head to glow with light. Our head is like a light bulb. Spirit in our heart gives off the power to light up our mind in our head. We want our spirit to be wise. 

Do you want to be bright? Sin not. Jesus came to forgive and wash away our sins.
So it seems there are people of the HEAD and there are people of the BODY. 

BUT the HEAD rules not the body. People of the HEAD are the winners, the BODY people are the losers. The HEAD people contend with the BODY people, it’s like a tension always exists between the head and the body people’s. The body people are ruled by the body desires whereas the head people are ruled by the thoughts. The head in Christ is ruled by Wise thoughts as Christ is the wisdom of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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