The prosperity doctrine preachers; they use religion to make themselves rich. God says you can not have two masters, money and God, you will hate one and love the other. Have one master, God. Look at a coin, whose face do you see on the coin? The worldly sovereign; give to the worldly sovereign what belongs to him/her and give to the Godly sovereign what is His. Give your bodies to God; God made your bodies. 

I in the past attended on quite a number of occasions Pentecostal Churches where preachers preached the prosperity doctrine. In all my time with the Pentecostals I was often vexed at their meetings. My heart was troubled in other words. There was Potters House and the Assembly of God etc. Two things stood out to me about Pentecostal churches – they were in to speaking in tongues and they were in to wanting to be rich. Other things stood out too – most people attending these churches were young in age; and they were spell bound by the USA prosperity television evangelists. These people made the television evangelists rich. The whole thing stinks of a corporate big time company and allied to corporate USA. Corporate is about money.
I agree with my dad these churches are fundamentalist and immature.
P.s. These prosperity preachers have not understood that the main theme of the BEAST is to rule through money. But money as it is now will be replaced. 666 is the Mark of the Beast and this Beast will use his Mark to rule humans. To buy and sell one will need to have this Mark. 
So the future may mean communities of believers living in simple natural enclaves where people live for their NEEDS not their wants. Communities living in order not chaos. No money. No luxuries but simple living where everyone gets their needs provided. No dictators ruling but consensus leadership.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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