Why not just take living plants with them up there? (On the space station). Plants act like scrubbers of carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Why make man made carbon scrubbers and man made giver off oxygen when God in his ingenuity already has made such things. 

Then why is man going in to the heavens? Heaven is a metaphor. I don’t believe there is water up there in space. Man should be trying to get heaven in to him not trying to get in to heaven in man made ways. Heaven as I said is a metaphor; heaven is above; but it is above to our spirit and soul not to our physical body. Heaven is all around. Oh yes we get a new body in the SECOND COMING of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is in a body, a physical body but a heavenly physical body up there (up there to our human spirit and soul) (the human spirit is in the heart).
Why is man looking for life out up there? Maybe man thinks this now hole of a planet will be so very polluted one day that man might need to settle somewhere else, on another planet. Man buggers up this planet (buggers – man is all in to it now) and then wants to go elsewhere and then buggers up another planet. I don’t think God has this same solution that man has. God has a unique ONE planet for life. ONE ONE ONE. One universe, ONE God. God does not put man on a planet and expect man to be trashing up His planet then going to other planets to trash. Man has complex solutions to this trashed planet. Man uses man made to solve his complex problems. God uses simplicity to solve His problems. Man builds complex on top of complex to hide his problems away. The problems of man do not go away by mans solving. 
To get this Earth planet normal again means going back to complete simplicity and naturalness. Like start again. The basics. Man made is like the Tower of Babel. Man reaching to the heavens (in mans own thinking apart from God). Man has to give up on all man made to get this Earth planet right. Communities living in simplicity and naturalness. 
God may solve mans complex problems by what? Nature may change to rid the planet of all man made. Ice age or fire. Maybe a meteorite/asteroid/comet might kill off most of life. The planet might heal itself? Or thermonuclear weapons might destroy all life. And is there then a new heaven and a new earth? I don’t know.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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