Me thinks that China does not really mind North Korea rattling the sabre but not taking the sabre out of its sheath. Why? Because China is riding a high prosperity wave and wants to continue to do so. I mean China may aim to become the richest nation on this earth. China wants (at its own timing) to be the one who initiates any so called direct active aggression towards the Western Powers like the USA (China does not need North Korea starting a major war, not at this time; but then China could use North Korea to start a war but China would be pulling the strings over North Korea. North Korea is too near to China for China to want North Korea to start a world war at this time). And China is not ready to thrust its sabre at any other big super power. China may be content at this time in just getting rich. China is not being belligerent (except over the South China Sea) like its neighbour North Korea but that is not a reason not to be wary of China. China is the awakening Dragon. The Dragon throne was originally in China and it may have returned.

Woe woe a world war with China.
What is the next generation of combat weapons? In the Second World War the British sent war ships against the Japanese. I think of the Prince of Wales warship. This ship was bombed by Japanese planes and the ship sunk with many lives lost. The British in the past were “Britannia rules the waves”. But the Japanese proved war planes were effective against war ships. Ruling the (sea) waves was the old way of ruling; it was now ruling from the air. But is ruling by the air still the best way to rule? Maybe ruling by the air with bomber and fighter planes (bombs and bullets) is now out of date. So what and how does a modern military now rule? Maybe the answer is now missiles. Like for example surface to air missiles. Ship to shore missiles. Ship to ship missiles. Planes (or drones) can also carry and fire missiles. 
It needs much thinking.
Who is the enemy? God the supreme Head gives to His ELECT understanding. The Elect of God are those people chosen by God to KNOW and be KNOWN. Know God and God knows them. The ELECT are the servants and friends of God. So the ELECT will know who the enemy is. It looks like a two fold enemy. The enemy within and the enemy without. In and out. The Jews were Gods ELECT and some still are; the Jews were the apple of Gods eye. But the Jews turned away from God by turning away from Gods begotten Son. Turn away from the Son you turn away from the Sons Father. God of course was angry. But salvation is from the Jews. Jesus was and is a Jew. One of the patriarchs, Abraham, had a child with his wife Sarah, and named the child Isaac. This child was a child of the “Promise of God”. This child and his descendants receive the inheritance of God (called the Promise). Abraham, the patriarch, also had a child with a bondwoman, a child he named Ishmael. Ishmael was not born of the “Promise of God”. This child and his descendants do not receive Gods inheritance. Ishmael’s descendants are the Arabs. The Arabs have their own religion called Islam and Islam has many converts in this world. There are Islam converts in many races. Islam came from the Arabs but the Arabs came from Abraham and Abraham was the patriarch of The supreme God. We have an enemy within because the Arabs became our enemies. The Arabs are enemies of the Jews and the Jews are the friends of the Christians. The Jews and the Arabs are like half brothers. So we have an enemy within. Do the Muslims (Islamic) and the Jews worship the same God? It’s up to conjecture but I would think Allah is not my God in Christ. 

Who is our enemy without (out)? The Dragon. The Dragon people are the ones who worship the snake deity. The snakes have the Dragon as their leader. If you go to a country and see idols of snakes and dragons around then there’s a clue. Snakes hate, snakes hate snakes. The Dragon hates snakes. The Dragon and the snakes hate Gods elect and children. Where there is hate there is division. Divided we fall.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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