Mr Osbourne!!! Sir sir!!!
What is it Perkins?

I need to go to the toilet can I be excused?

What? Class has been going for half an hour can you not wait.

Mr Osbourne my brain is full, I need to go.

Ok go ahead Perkins you are excused.

Thank you sir.

Anyone else in class need a toilet break to clear their heads?

Perkins thinks “I need to get this shit out of me, I am busting. Class (meaning social and education classing) and its knowledge seems to just constipate me (puff me up – bloat my intestines)”. 
Am I being radical by saying that Jesus never learnt all the knowledge that is regularly dished out in schools, colleges and universities. 
Jesus “Grew in stature and wisdom”. 
Jesus never learnt all the social and physical sciences taught in schools etc.
Wisdom of God is not what is taught in schools etc.
“Seek wisdom” the wise will say but what about this tree of knowledge? 

There seems to be two trees of thought (1) Wisdom and (2) knowledge. 

Jesus Christ is the wise tree. But people want to know as God the Father knows.

Is it wise to know as the Father God knows? I think not. 

Wisdom of Jesus Christ is ALL that the Church NEEDS.
So mankind rebels he/she wants to know as the Father God knows and not just be wise like Jesus Christ. Mankind thinks he/she is soooo clever to know as God the Father knows. 
Maybe mankind thinks that they have out smarted Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father?
I think to be a straight thinker is the best and excellent way. Thinking up and down to me is perverting the truth. Truth is all Simple. Simple is straight. To think straight is to think straight truth. Jesus Christ to me is a straight pure truthful thinker. There is no hanging on to the shit in straight thinking. When you look at someone can you see the shit in them? Do they look like glazed cheap pots. I mean are they just all glaze. Glaze can give the impression of value but it’s a ploy. God can use only genuine pots and we do not need a deep covering of glaze. Knowledge puffs one up; it makes one look important, it gives off airy fairy, it’s not truly grounded. To look straight is to look without ones eye balls moving side to side. 
So mankind now is full of shit. Mankind is constipated. The established church is constipated. We all in the church are constipated because the church comprises many people. We carry each other’s shit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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