All types of extremism is bad. 
There are the religious extremists; there are the sports extremists; there are the political extremists. 
The weather can be extreme. We do not like extreme weather. 
Fundamentalists are usually known as extremists. 
It’s called “Going over the top”. 
It’s unbalanced and sometimes insane. 
Young people are usually the ones for fundamental extremism. Young people lack insight and wisdom. 
Islam also had its extreme elements. Young men and women that are more of the flesh than the spirit. Youth want and want and want; it’s not about needs. Young people see the battle as not of the mind but of the flesh. 
Christianity has its fundamentalist extremists. Such want say the 10 commandments to rule the country. 
The Islam fundamentalists want the Islam sharia laws to rule our country. 
Fundamentalism is a lot about laws and they are usually religious laws.  
Laws are fundamental to life and society. There are physical laws and there are spiritual laws. 
Wisdom of Christ is above the laws. Christ is above. Wisdom of Christ superseded the religious laws. Religious laws came before all other laws. 
Laws are for sin. 
We do not want extremists forcing their laws on to the wisdom of Jesus Christ. 
We do not want religious extremists governing this country. 
State and religion govern separately. 
Christ is the HEAD. Let Christ rule this county with the WISDOM of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.




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