Last night I reflected; “Jesus Christ you are in a heavenly physical body but I am in a earthly physical body, how I envy you Jesus you do not have the worries and problems being can I call it trapped in a earthly physical body”. So do I really think I am trapped in this earthly physical body? I should not be in a trap. So the trap or not a trap depends on my using my body in a bad way or a good way; to use my body in a bad way then I am trapped in this earthly body but if I obey God with my body my body is a glorious home to me, for my soul and human spirit. Jesus was in an earthly body but he is in a heavenly body, his time in an earthy body was for a short time, lucky him. So I live in this earthly body waiting for the time for my earthly body to change in to a heavenly body. Bring it on. 

I further reflected; thoughts came and went. Then the word “THERMONUCLEAR” came to mind. What??? I was not familiar with this word. I considered it might be weapon but what kind of weapon. So I googled Thermonuclear. Oh yes a nuclear device that is also called the Hydrogen bom. Yes where am I going with this? Come on, mind, heart, Spirit, tell me more. So ok I am whether ever say maybe say at home and I feel intense heat for maybe 2 seconds then I am gone, vaporised. And who lives? Just about ALL earthly life is gone, vaporised within the most minutes and any life hiding deep underground gone in a matter of days. So why did this word thermonuclear come to mind? I was just contemplating that Jesus was better off in a heavenly physical body. Now here I am thinking of death; but it was just more than death it was freedom, it was coming for me into a heavenly physical body. So maybe there is sense in all this thermonuclear – I thought again – “Come in with a bang and go out with a bang”. 

I considered this word bang; an almighty explosion (God is almighty), called “The Big Bang Theory”, the beginning of this universe and then the ending of ‘What?’ Ending of this earth maybe in a Big Bang or does the universe also go out in a Big Bang. The earth and all its life comes in in a Big Bang and the earth and all its life goes out in a Big Bang. I say lets go out with a bang, ha. And who created this universe? My mind says “The Spiritual Man”. And who is he? Maybe Jesus? I thought – Jesus created loaves and fishes; its says so in the Bible. So Jesus just made, ha. (Made most likely over millions and millions of years – time is immaterial to God). And what is this “New heaven and a new earth” the bible talks about? Is it also a new world? The Catholics say “World without end” – What is meant by this?
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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