“Many are CALLED but few are CHOSEN”. A well known scripture from the New Testament of the BIBLE. But what does it mean? 

Many are called – there are many callings. The human race is full of callings – vocations. Why would someone not have a God calling? People do find their God calling – but few people in number nut it out completely. Few people find their true calling. It takes wisdom to find ones calling. Wisdom with insight and such is not on many peoples wanted list in this world – hey there’s more important things to go after; what with class, status, money, promotion, qualifications, sex, idols, materialism, homes, cars, holidays. So wisdom and insight is way down there for people on the list for gifts. 
So many are called, many have callings, many have God given callings, but few are chosen. Who chooses? God chooses. God gave the calling and wants to use the calling. But few people with callings aspire to use their calling for Gods direct use. Work for God, you mean become a Priest; no; you mean become a missionary; no. What then? Use your calling to directly assist in the winning of souls in to Gods Kingdom. Minister with your calling to the Body of Christ. This Body is the only True Church Body not something out there that is man made. The Body I refer to is a real living Body with the Kingdom of God in it. Emanuel, God within. So there are callings that can help the Body of Christ. If you are in the Kingdom of God then you know the Body of Christ. This Body is God made not man made. We are spirit and soul in this Body of Christ. We come in and go out. 

God chooses who He wants working for Him. The Body does not choose, the Head chooses. The Head is above the Body, the Head is in charge of the Body. The Body is not in charge. God is above, He is real, He is in charge. We submit to the Head. 
So many callings, many vocations. Work. Few find their true vocation. Most people work outside their vocation/calling. Most people do not work for the HEAD, they work for the body. Most people are working their bodies to death. It’s about the body not the head to most people. 

There are those people who wisely nut out their calling, work in it and are successful BUT that does not mean that they are chosen. Chosen is chosen by God. It can only be success to work in ones true calling. God chooses few people. Few are called by God to work directly for Him. 

“Many are called, but few are chosen”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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