Sex has been a taboo subject; it is still taboo in some areas. Why? For starters the Bible says not to discuss or talk about sex. Jesus from the writings in the bible did not talk about sex. In the way past sex was just between a husband and wife and outside this union little was said about sex except in grubby lewd context like in pornographic magazines. Such magazines took off in the 1950’s and on. Sex is now outside the covers, outside the closet and in everyone’s eyes not long from the first day you can see and hear. Sex is now not just between a husband and wife. After the Second World War sex was opened up. The church in the way past used to be the moral platform for keeping sex in check. But the church has now lost a lot of its influence. Sex is in your face day and night. It’s on television, it’s next door, it’s in the news papers, it’s on the Internet, it’s in public. Sex used to be private. As in private parts but no more are these parts private. 
Pornography does not help. Such makes delinquents. Lust is not love. True love is hard work. Pornography only encourages people to be jerks. Jerks do not work hard. You have to work at a relationship. Lust is immature. If you see a women and think of lust, think of “is she a jerk? Am I a jerk? Lust does not satisfy. So to find a mate, find a mate that is first a soul mate, a mate made in heaven first. The head should always come before the body. The head is in charge not the body. The soul to me is in the head. Lust comes but it goes and when the 2 minute lust has gone what have you left. Lust fizzes out like a fizzy sugar drink. No one is satisfied for long with just fizz. 
In the past say our grand parents time sex was taboo outside the husband and wife. In our parents time sex was gradually brought out in to the public. Now in our time sex is everywhere. 
The wise man says “Get out of my head”. Or another saying “Get out of my hair”. 
Love between a man and a woman is a deep mystery. First to find your true soul mate you need insight. A lot of people lack insight especially young people. You need to get to the heart of the matter. Spirit and soul. Young people are more guided by the outer rather than the inner. If you marry just for the outer you will get tensions from the inner. This outer union results in conflicts. The human spirits will fight. The two will fight in spirit. Outer union is also about money and things. Inner union is tested over time but especially with communication in words. Do you listen to your spouse? Does your spouse listen to you? See it comes down to words. You and your spouse on a deep level or a sub conscious level need to commune together. Communing is good; we commune with God and we commune with others in the body of Christ. Communing is a thinking on a deep level. Wisdom of God brings up the thoughts. Many people think but may not be aware of what they are thinking. With age and wisdom we hear our thoughts. Thoughts in heart are like a deep well, only wisdom of God brings up those thoughts. The heart can be so deep. 
A wise man said: “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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