Euthanasia has its good points. But a single
doctor should not have the only OK to a death. A panel of professional people in each State and Territory needs to access each case and decide. Say there are 10 people on the panel, a case should have a minimum of 7 consenting panel people to OK a death. A panel should have a practicing psychiatrist, a practicing psychologist, 2 practicing lawyers, a GP doctor, a judge of the court, a senior serving police person, a senior practicing fully qualified nurse, a current serving military person of a rank major (or its equal across the services) and above, a university professor. These panels can meet say 4 times a year and be compensated financially by the federal government for their work.  
The trouble with euthanasia is that no one in authority wants to be responsible for giving it the go ahead; this is because no one knows whether there will be a fall-out in the future it goes bad. I mean who wants many deaths on ones conscience. 
Government will send its people in mass to die in wars but they do not want to give permission to small numbers each year to die clinical deaths with legal sanction. This nation has sent thousands of people in to war zones with many dying in action, many being crippled, but for the government to permit dying on compassionate grounds this is an area that government knows little about and what it does know spooks them.  
Death to some is abhorrent. Death to others is just a natural progression. I mean death to some is just a step to another life. Death comes easy to some and it comes difficult to others. Oh why why God did (so and so) have to die? Why God? How can there be a God if my friend died? God surely should have kept my friend alive. There can not be a God if He allows death. 
Death to me is just an entrance to the next life. It’s called heaven. Let it be, let it come, let it happen, don’t stop it.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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