Hello Smithers.
Hello sir.

Smithers do you mind if I go upstairs and see my office for just one last time.

If sir has a pass you are most welcome.

Smithers I gave my pass in.

You don’t have a pass?

No. But please can I go up one more time. You know me. Every morning and evening you saw me for what was it 17 years. You have been here 17 years?

Yes I have.

So is it ok?

Sir I don’t remember you and even if I did you need a pass.

Smithers its me Hubert. I asked after your family often. You always greeted me in the morning and said goodbye in the evening.

Sorry sir I do not remember you. I greet a lot of people, it’s my job. 

Oh there’s Jarvis. Jarvis!!! Jarvis!!!

Not now Hubert I am busy. 

Jarvis can you tell Smithers that I worked here for 27 years.

Not now Hubert I am busy.

Please sir I think you should leave.

Oh there’s Shirley. Shirley!!! Shirley!!!

No sir she seems not to know you. Could sir please follow me to the door.

But I worked here for 27 years. I gave this job my all. I only just retired last week. It’s me Smithers, Hubert.

Sir if you don’t leave I will have to call for extra security and physically put you out of this building.

Ok ok I am leaving. I gave this job my all and yet what did I get; money yes, nothing much else. 

Hubert walks down the street reminiscing “When I was young I wanted to be a pilot, I loved seeing planes, how did I end up in this job, why an accountant, I hated being an accountant, the pay was good and that’s all. I want to fly. I know what, I will spend the day at the airport watching the planes take off and land”. 

At home later.

Dear how was your day, did you go to the seniors place for lunch?

No dear I passed by my old work place and later went to the airport.

Dear I hope you are not making a nuisance with people.

No I am good.

Why go to the old work place?

Just one more look.

You need interests.

I know. I am thinking of taking flying lessons.

Now dear stop dreaming. You lie down for a while. Take a snooze. 

Yes I am tired. A little nap yes. 

Remember Gilbert. He retired last year, he is in to lawn bowls.

Ok I might try that.

Flying? You are away with the fairies. 

Zzzzzzz Hubert naps he is away with the fairies flying in his dreams. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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