Tea Gordon?

By jove yes Martin.

Oops spilled a bit on the rocks.

No worries, here let me wipe it off with my hanky.


Two lumps please.

Oops dropped a lump.

Aren’t those the comet rocks dropped off here by NASA.

Yes old boy the same rocks.

A bit of rum in your tea?

By jove yes. Don’t spill it this time. 

The boss is coming. Look alive. Hide the rum, tea, sugar and cups. My hands are all wet with the rum from the bottle.

Too late to clean the hands, look busy.

Morning Sir.

Arrr Gordon and Martin. How is analysing the rocks going?

Sir we are just about to put them under the electron microscope.

Good, do it now I want to watch.

There, now push these buttons and the computer will do the rest.

Come on. Results?

Yes we have results.

Ok what are they?

The readings say sugar and alcohol molecules. 

Wow we have made history. I must inform the press. 

Sir we have another reading come up. Sir sir. Where’s he gone?

He’s gone to tell the press.

But the other reading?

Never mind with that. We have more important things to do.

Yes get the cups, tea, rum and sugar out. 


Yes make it the same.

Delicious. The rum just makes it better.

By the way Martin what was that other reading?



Yes tea. Lipton tea.

Both men look at each other for half a minute.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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