Saw the movie “Bridge of Spies” yesterday at the cinema. 
What a movie. I even thought I saw tears in another movie goer. It was like I heard him weeping. I don’t know what was going on there, I mean was it the movie? I thought to myself, “I wonder if he came from East Berlin”. 
Makes me also think “Maybe I was unwise to go in to East Berlin especially toting a big camera around my neck”. I mean the Stasi could have picked me up and accused me of being a spy. I did have the camera. I saw no other people with cameras. This was 1977 and I went in to East Berlin through check point charlie going by myself and telling no one. It was a day trip.
Tom Hanks you played well. I get the impression Tom is not the usual hollywood actor; he seems serious; you don’t hear of him shacking up with the ladies. I guess he’s married and married well. Most actors are known for their infideilities. 
This movie is based on real truth. The USA and Russia swapping some prisoners during the “Cold War”. And it was cold. Freezing to some, like those in East Berlin (When we think of cold we think of hate). The bridge is a real bridge that linked East Berlin to West Berlin. The swap of prisoners took place on this bridge (and also at check point charlie). 
I grade this movie: 7 (out of 1 to 10)

An enjoyable movie.
Lester John Murray.


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