The sun is out –

The true light the sun.

What about the SON being the true light.

No, most people think the SUN is the true light.
So we have a HIGHER POWER the SUN, a celestial body, and most people love the SUN not love the SON. The SON of course is Gods begotten SON. GOD begat ONE son and God also adopted many sons and daughters.
People love to worship what is higher. The sun gives light. The sun gives heat. The sun gives warmth. The sun gives vitamin D. An excuse for sun worshippers is “I bathe in the sun to get vitamin D”. But that is just a poor excuse to try and truly validate worshipping the sun. People want the tan. The Suns Mark. The tan is seen as sexy; it’s a mark of beauty. BUT if scientists were able to give white people a change in their skin pigment to darken their skin naturally all or most white people would not accept the brown pigment in their skin. Why? Because tan and skin pigment change are different. Pigment change is not caused by worship of the sun but is something evolved in time for people living in sunny regions. The skin for these people adapted over time to the sun, the skin and DNA went through a minor change to compensate for the sun. White people are on the whole racist. White people want to be white but tanned.
So when we see a worshipper of the sun we may ask what wisdom are you following. God says he is up, up there, up in the clouds, up above in the heavens. But what is up above to most people? The sky, the cosmos. But there is a wisdom of spirit and there is a wisdom of the flesh, also there is wisdom of Satan. When we think in flesh wisdom of heaven we think of the clouds area or the solar system, other planets, the Suns etc. When we think in spirit wisdom of above, what is above our human spirit in our heart, we think of our head. God uses METAPHORS to explain his wisdom. We humans are so in to flesh wisdom that we can not see the spiritual wisdom. We are human spirit in the heart. Gods wisdom is in Spirit. Gods wisdom is not of the flesh. The human spirit needs to learn off the Holy Spirit. Truth is within. Gods kingdom is within. Don’t worship anything out there, outside the body. God is within. Jesus Christ Emanuel. So we are either worshipping God or gods – in spirit or flesh. God is not out there, God is within. Commune with God in spirit to Spirit. Commune with each other in the body through spirit. God is a metaphor, but a true metaphor. God is real. Jesus Christ is real. The HOLY SPIRIT is Real. Jesus came in the first coming and will come again. Jesus is in flesh. Jesus exists, where? That is a mystery.
King David said “The Lord said to my lord sit at my right side until I put all your enemies at your feet”. The Lord and my Lord were within David.
We are gods not Gods. We are gods under God. Life in its true essence is metaphor. You see but you do not see, you hear but you do not hear. People are dull, dim, and sleepy, and day dreamy. True knowledge comes from the Holy Spirit. When Jesus rose at the ascension – Was this pure vision?
Jesus (My Lord) lives in me at the right side of God the Father (The Lord) in heaven.
But is there more? Is there a gathering of souls at the resurrection and we are given new physical bodies. Does that then mean we live on for eternity in the physical flesh at the resurrection? But who wants to live for eternity in a physical body? Maybe living in the flesh for eternity (in a changed body called a heavenly body) is ok.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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