Ohh arrrr ohh I love it
Bring it on

Ooooo this is the best

It can not get any better

You are so good

It’s so hot

I feel so warm

What a beauty 

You are the best 

Please more of you on the my other side

Leave your mark on me I love your mark

I adore you

I adore your mark 

I feel your love it’s so hot 

I love bathing in your light

I love your light

Your light is so powerful
P.s. Tan is the sun mark
No it’s not sex. It’s love of the sun.

It’s like sex with the sun god.

People worship objects in the above.

People think that the higher the god the better, but in the true God, higher and above is meant metaphorical. Use your heads. The mind of Jesus Christ is in the head. Spirit is in your heart. 
Worship the SON or SUN. 

Son God Jesus Christ or sun god.

When God the Father says worship my Son please read the spelling it’s Son not sun.
And humans think they are so clever, think again.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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