Poland responsible for WW2

Poppy cock.

Poland was invaded by Germany and also by the Soviet Union. Poland and Great Britain had a defence agreement and the English honoured this agreement by coming to the help of Poland. The English declared war on Germany. Germany was the belligerent nation and the Soviets in the beginning sided with Germany but this turned bad as Germany attacked the Soviet Union.  
What gets me is that Great Britain came in to the war to assist Poland but in the end at the wars end Poland was given to the Soviets. 
The Soviets were just as bad as the Nazis. Ok not quite but bad all the same. Bad I mean evil. The NKVD were on the level of the Gestapo. Hitler and Stalin both tyrants.
So the Russian Ambassador to Poland is saying WW2 was Poland’s fault. Ok you can say the English and the French went to war with Germany because of Poland. Oh me oh my I mean what got in to the English and the French, why go to war? But Germany had already gone to war before it invaded Poland. Germany had already invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia. Germany was invading Europe. Poland was just another victim of many victims. WW2 was not wholly about the war between the Germans and the English. Germany would no doubt have gone on to fight the French and English all the same even if the English and French had not declared war first. Hitler was a ranting and raving mad man who wanted to dominate the world. His main ally the Japanese, the serpent heads, were in on this world conquest. 
The only way to stop this mad man Hitler was to kill him, put him down. Covert snipers, Germans working for and trained by the allies, maybe Jews, dressed in SS German military uniforms and holding fake ID’s, even maybe ID’s of say gestapo should have shot him at an open air rally.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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