Life growing out of death

Photo taken years ago. A homeless man was sleeping at the back of one of our church buildings. 
Makes me think from seeing the Bible and alcohol that this homeless man was going between two sorts of spirits, one spirit alcoholic and the other Spirit God. 
Then one could think that there was a young good shoot growing out of the dirt. There was life amongst the death. The Bible signifies life and the alcohol signifies death. 
I spoke to this man a few times. Brian said he was told he had mental problems. At night he called out many times; I thought that he was trying to fight off his demons. And there must have been the demons of alcohol amongst all these demons troubling Brian. Brian slept on flattened cardboard. It was cold, especially at night. It was winter. 
I prayed for Brian. And then the Bible appeared amongst his belongings. His only belongings were the empty and filled whiskey and bourbon bottles, cardboard and a few clothes.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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