GODS KINGDOM (Versus Mankind’s virtual kingdom)

Gods kingdom is a reality but not in the sense of physical ness but it’s akin to what we call virtual reality. Virtual reality is a man made reality for the thinking, for the human spirit and for what humanists call the mind. I call it the soul. Mind is a man made invention word. Gods kingdom is a spiritual reality made up by Gods Words. This kingdom has homes, walls, doors, fields, open space areas. It’s a real kingdom endeavouring to put human spirit into a comfortable situation.

God made a reality for our spirit and mankind is doing the same. Soon virtual reality will be very big. I mean in the near future mankind will be spending much of their time in virtual reality. The Matrix movies portray a glimpse of two realities. 
Gods kingdom has nothing to with virtual reality. Man makes his own reality apart from God. Mankind thinks he’s/she’s clever. Mankind got knowledge and thinks he/she does not need God. 
Man made reality is a deep perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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