AM I SAVED? i am who i am

God the creator is the highest above. God is the “I Am Who I Am”. I am saved so where am I? If I am saved am I too in heaven? God is in heaven; if I am saved God has raised me up to heaven. It’s a matter of belief. Do you believe that you are saved? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the begotten son of God the Father and is at the right side of the Father God in heaven above? If you do believe in this then you too have been raised up to be with God in the heavenly realm and you also rule with God. 

Salvation of ones soul is a matter of belief and faith. One must believe first and then the conversion of soul takes a long enduring faith. Faith grows like a plant, it gets stronger every day that you persevere. Conversion takes time. The soul must find out the truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. We have a human spirit in our heart. To invite Jesus Christ in to your heart and to confess your sins means the Holy Spirit will be sent in to your heart from God. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of truth. No one lies to the Holy Spirit and gets away with it. The Holy Spirit teaches your human spirit and both Holy Spirit and human spirit (now with Gods spiritual gifts) lead the soul in to salvation. Salvation is knowing the truth. The soul is in the head, in the brain. The soul to me is like a very little shadow. It’s shadow like in all appearance, it runs like the wind. It runs around a pillar in the brain. The soul runs in a circle. The soul understands from Spirit. You might call heaven “A state of mind”. But it’s not just simply a state of thinking it involves the Holy Spirit in a big way. The Holy Spirit saves the soul. So we the saved rule from the heavens. We rule with Christ. 
But there is more to this: God says that in a twinkling of an eye we shall be changed. Our physical mortal bodies will change in to heavenly bodies. This change happens in the End Times. Maybe the physical heavens and earth come to an end. So we live in a kingdom of God in our hearts and in our soul we live in heaven. But heaven is ALL AROUND. So in the End Times we go through a transformation where we become heavenly bodies in flesh like Jesus became a heavenly body in flesh. Salvation of the soul comes from truth, belief and faith, but first love, and then later much much later our bodies are changed and we have a unique body for our soul to live in eternally. In our present lives we wait for our future change. I mean this change might be thousands of years away. Or even more. God is “I Am Who I Am”. God is God with a capital G. I am a god but not a God, I am a god with a small g. Everyone saved is a god. Who am I? “i am who i am”. Notice I have not got capital letters in this name that I am. God has the capital letters in his name. I am a god under the God. God is at the highest. 
So salvation takes a number of steps. We first get the love of Jesus Christ, we get belief, we have faith, we receive the Holy Spirit, we wait as the truth grows in our spirit and soul. We are saved. We believe that we are saved. In the End Times we receive a body transformation. 
So the End Times and our receiving our heavenly bodies might be a long way off. What happens to our souls when our mortal flesh body dies? I think our soul just sleeps. Where does our soul sleep? I don’t know. Can soul sleep for thousands of years? I presume so. Sleep is good. What soul wants to remain awake for thousands of years in soul but not in a body. Soul would like a body. So the soul waits for its new body. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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