All wind and no substance. Art as in art ificial. Not really real. A dream. Man made dream. Art can be beguiling. Art is man made. There is art that does glorify the God Head but in this world such art is few in number. I believe that people in God are gifted in arts but a lot of it just glorifies man and not God. Art in mans glory just fizzles out, it is weak. Man can be so limp in art. Man creates art and then worships his art and he expects others to worship his art too. Man studies the arts like philosophy and psychology and sociology but mostly all in vain. It is a lot limp. Limp wristed. Sowing seed in mans wisdom reaps weakness in human spirit and achieves the top strength of only what we call wooden (metaphor). Wood is strong to some but it’s of nature, Mother Nature and leans to the mother not the father. The father gives the seed we should grow towards the father. Strength is growing up to the father. Mother Nature worship is weak. God in the Father is strong like iron (metaphor). Strong wrists. Wood breaks when hitting iron. 
Do we make our homes out of wood or iron?
I can tell you the answer to that. Most people make their homes out of wood. 
Mums the word to most people; Dad does not even get a mention in having the word.
But God gave the seeds to man and God though being male and female gave His wisdom to His Son a male. 

Jesus Christ a male gives us Gods wisdom.
Let us put this in more perspective: When a person is drowning say a 25 year old man; who does he cry out for? Mum! mum! mum! help me mum mum mum. So this young man cries out for his mother but in his crying out he never mentions his father. It’s mum to him who is the Word and not the father. But the young man would be better in my opinion to call out for the fathers help. Yes call out for mum but also more better call out for dad. It’s like when the young man is crying out to his mother he is putting extreme heaviness on his mothers heart but when he cries out to the father the fathers head comes on line. The head can help more than the heart in times like this. It is as if the fathers strength is from the head and the mothers strength is from the heart. Maybe call out for both mother and father.
BUT in GOD we Christians in Christ’s body call on Jesus Christ to help us.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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