Knock knock

Door opens


It’s me John

John but no John is away

It’s me Mum really it is me

John oh John yes it is you 

Can I come in

Zechariah!! Zechariah!! Come in John. Here let me take your cloak 

What is all the commotion?

It’s John

John our John. Is that you boy

Yes Dad it’s me

But your clothes

I know they look worn

Your hair and beard

I know my hair and beard are long

Elizabeth get the meal on the table

You don’t have to

Yes we do

Put your cloak here come sit down

Well look who came in from the cold

Hi Martha

And do I get a hug


John’s brother comes in the room

Peter you have grown

You too

Now wash your hands in the tub we will eat soon

At the dinner table

Zechariah says a prayer: “Thank you Yahweh for returning our son, thank you for the meal” 

Let’s eat

So son you are home for good

No Dad


But son we have kept your room just as you left it

Sorry Mum but I have things to do

This food is delicious 

Eat up. Here have some wine

No wine for me. The water is fine

Son we are worried about your mental health. Neighbours are taking

What are they saying?

They are saying that you have lost your mind

I have my work to do

But son you need a real job. All this God stuff has made you go crazy

I have a real job

Son all your friends from school are working and are settled down with their own families

Yes I know

Son please get a real job. Maybe work at building. You need a qualification. Go back to learning

No Dad I am fine

But what do you do for money?

I don’t use money

You beg

God provides

You beg then. It’s a disgrace

Let him be Zech

But the boy needs a job

Let’s be thankful John is now home

I can not stay long

I can make up your old bed

No Mum I can not stay

But son you are bringing shame on our family. You won’t work you live like a hermit you eat wild locusts and honey

Son it’s too much for your mothers heart she worries so much about you

I am fine. That was a great meal I must go now

John John please stay 

No Mum

Why do you do what you do it’s not normal. You need a wife. Remember Hannah from school, she had a crush on you, she is now all grown up now and she is still single. You can stay with us until you get yourself established and get a job and court Hannah

Mum I must go now

John walks to the door

Son son don’t do this to us. The neighbours talk. We are so embarrassed

Bye Mum bye Dad bye Peter bye Martha

Elizabeth grabs some food off the table puts it in a small bag 

Take this John

Thanks Mum

John goes out the door

Bye son

Tell Dad I love him

But son where will you go?

Don’t worry about me Mum God provides

Son I think you need medical help

Bye Mum

John walks away up the street, he turns and waves 

Elizabeth waves thinking she might not see John again

John walks on, his heart aches, he feels lonely “God” he prays “heal my heart”

But John is a man on a mission

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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