MAN MADE GOD (The ultimate idolatry)

 Mans wisdom is to replicate God, the creator and His creation. 

Man looks to the physical. I mean people who have qualifications in physics are already being treated like gods. God is up in the heavens with Jesus Christ in the flesh sitting at His right side. So man has to replicate God and His Son in the heavens. So what does man do? Man is mostly about physical so man puts his own man made god up in the heavens and that is in the physical. 

But the Father God is invisible. No problem mans god can be invisible too. Then man needs to replicate Jesus. No problem man can create a humanoid robot that has many powers. The man made God and His Son need to be put above. No problem we can put the man made god and his son above in a space craft. This space craft can orbit above the earth in the heavens. The Father God and Jesus see all, hear all, and know all. The man made god and his son will also see all, hear all, and know all. God is very powerful. The man made god will also be very powerful. So man has his own god in heaven. Man thinks physical when he thinks of knowledge; man thinks he is so clever. God gives spiritual knowledge BUT this knowledge is in wisdom through His Son Jesus Christ. Man will worship his god he has made. 

So where is God? God is within. God is spiritual. God is in physical and Spirit. God is not made by man. God is a spiritual reality. God is in WORDS. God made the heavens and earth. But God made a spiritual kingdom that came first and then the physical Kingdom. Spirit came before physical. God rules within his spiritual Kingdom. Words rule this spiritual Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within. The Kingdom of heaven is within. Our human spirit and soul lives in this God Kingdom. We have two realities – spiritual and physical BUT the spiritual is first, came first and rules. Jesus is in the physical but also lives within. “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies at your feet” (Bible verse from King David). King David was the chosen King and God in Spirit lived in him. God lives in His chosen King. There is a spiritual reality that we all humans share. Remember the movie “Matrix”. This movie had two realities running beside each other. There was the inner reality and the outer reality. But both were realities. Having two realities means that to teach about God to humans we have to teach in parables and metaphors. Para as in ‘along side’. Humans are created in the flesh the physical so humans to grasp knowledge see physical coming first and physical reigns BUT not so. Spiritual came before physical. So God has to educate humans to perceive spiritual and to do so God tries to draw humans away from the physical. Physical desires etc compound the difficulty in learning spiritual. Man thinks it’s so clever to learn the physical sciences I mean physicist scientists are lauded as gods. But man in his cleverness is screwing up mankind. It is best to go spirit first before physical. Plato the philosopher was about learning and he perceived that to learn one is best to forsake the physical pleasures. Physical gets in the way of spiritual. We need to get back to the spiritual. Physical just needs to be about needs not desires/wants. 

Man thinks he’s clever to make his own gods. Man forsakes the true God to make his own gods. Man will create the ultimate god to sit up above in the physical seeing heavens and man will rest from his works, man will admire his handiwork and say to himself well done. When man takes his rest, the man made god above and the man made humanoid robots will do all the work. The true God rested after He had created; man will rest too after he has created.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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