THE ROCK CONCERT. Today’s generation church

I was greeted at the door by two greeters. Both smiled and gave me a service sheet. Soft music was playing in the back ground. I found a seat at the back and sat down. I wanted to look inconspicuous. I kept my eyes looking down for a while at the service sheet not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. I did not want to make waves and I certainly did not want anyone coming on to me with their religion. I knew enough about religion that remaining incognito is sometimes best. The music started to get louder, it was a type of mood music, one felt lulled in to comfort, it felt like I was being hypnotised. People now all sat in their seats, the service was about to start. 

I allowed my eyes to look around. The people were mostly youngish in their 20’s to 40’s. There were also some families with teenagers. The Pastor now spoke. The Pastor a woman in say her 40’s was dressed to kill, I mean she would not look amiss in a corporate office boardroom. Her make up on her face glistened in the heavy lighting. Yes the lights were strong, we were bathed in light. To her right were a band of three young guys and one girl. There was a drummer, two electric guitar players and the lady singer. The Pastor sat down, the fun began, the band beat out their music. We were at a rock concert come church service. The words were portrayed on a screen, we sang with gusto. Or they sang with gusto I just stood dumb founded by the whole scene. See I have never been one for music and less one for singing. “Jesus Jesus”, his name was sang like one was in a trance. It seemed so sexual the whole thing. I mean it was past romance it was like all on. Jesus was raptured out, we were in the rapture or were were mesmerised in to believing we were now being raptured. Oh yes the singer in the band, she was very pretty. She held the microphone like she was holding her boyfriend; every male in the audience must have felt like she was the one. She had the attention of all. It was like an orgy. The music was very moody. There came the rises and lows in the music. The band stopped playing. The Pastors husband another Pastor spoke, yes this leadership was a family affair. He spoke about giving. It was about giving to God but really it was about giving to him. He wanted money. The ushers went around with open plates. They were not bags but plates so other people can see what you are giving, you were shamed in to giving lots. No coins but big notes the bigger the better. The music started again. I thought – The only thing missing is the dance floor and the smoke and strobe lights. I mean is this better than sex; I see a lot of young people and no doubt most of them are single.

Later on after leaving the church, I reflected and thought – these people want this type of church rock concert, and they are not ashamed to say so. And these rock concerters might say – do you really want me to go to a dull dead traditional church where there are mostly old people. I could see their point but I would point out that wisdom is with the elderly. And what is more important wisdom or passion? The youth want passion but most of their passions are just immature lusts. The elderly have experience, wisdom and maturity. I also think both modern and old church have their faults but both also have their good points but me now at my stage in my life I am finding church in all its establishment forms boring. I might retire. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

This story: Novel genre.


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