John Rizzo you are brilliant. You write very very well. I am so captivated by this story. You write excellently. I wish I could write as well. 

The CIA interrogation techniques at black sites: I see water boarding and sleep deprivation as torture, no two ways about it. But the Democrats and the public crucify the CIA for the torture of terrorists but on the other hand every one turns a blind eye to the USA going after and killing terrorists. The drones kill many many people and no one bats an eye lid. So the CIA get embroiled in politics. So to kill a terrorist out right in a gun battle is ok but to capture a terrorist and torture him for information, information that could stop further killings of USA citizens is not ok. Torture is frowned upon in the conscious of the thinking person. 
The legality of black sites is questionable. Why torture terrorists in overseas secret locations away from the USA? Why because what is being done is illegal to the USA laws. In other words the CIA could not torture terrorists in sites in the USA. Were the CIA breaking the law having black sites? No not in the overseas countries whose laws may condone such sites but the USA laws did not permit such sites on the USA soil. It’s a questionable legal loop hole having black sites. 

I think that the main purpose of this so called enhanced interrogation come-torture was to stop further killings of Americans and that is a good motive. I mean these terrorists came in to the USA and killed literally hundreds of people and the CIA had to do something. I mean there may have been plans by these terrorists to follow up on 9/11 and kill more people. The CIA’s purpose is to get intelligence. They have the word intelligence in their name for that purpose get intelligence. 

What also stands out to me is the big accountability that an organisation like the CIA has. I mean there’s the congress Senate intelligence committee on their backs, there’s the FBI, there’s the Justice Department, there’s the President, there’s the White House, there’s the media, there’s the public – ALL wanting to know what the CIA is up to. 
Another thing that stands out to me is “Secrets are only secret in name”. “Secrets are short lived”. “Every Tom, Dick and Harry want to know secrets”. 

Another thing that stands out in this book is that John Rizzo understands that everything comes back to you later – so reap what you sow – John tries to make sure all his legalities of CIA policies are all tightly sealed in cover legal protection. Presidents come and go, politicians come and go; BUT there is a opposition in politics you get the Democrats and the Republicans fighting over who leads and each side can turn on the CIA and it can be a blood bath. John Rizzo went through a blood bath, and heads roll. 
John stands out to me as a conscientious person.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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