WHAT DO YOU THINK? The poor beggar

My thoughts have been raging I must speak or write in this case. I met today a man, a complete stranger to me, that has had a profound affect on my life. I have to explain myself. I was in the city today, I was walking the pavement and right next to me a man just fell to the ground, no explanation, he just fell. I stood there a few moments just staring at him. I saw two ladies sitting on the nearby public bench, I said shall we call the ambulance? The ladies seems indifferent to the whole thing, one stared at me; I had her eye contact but I was having no help there. I did not know what to do. I was no trained medic, I knew no real first aid. Luckily a lady and man came up and assisted the man to his feet and took him to sit on the bench. I watched for a little while and then moved off. 

I went to a chapel in the city and sat in it for a while reflecting on the incident concerning this man who fell. I wondered what more could I have done. Did I reflect the true vocation of Jesus Christ in me in how I dealt with this man or was I just a disinterested hypocrite of a Christian, a Christian in name nothing more. I considered that the man could have been having a fit. These thoughts did occur to me at the time. I also thought at the time whether the man was dying or had died. And in the chapel I considered whether the man was having a heart attack. I have a bit of first aid training way in the past and in that training we were told not to move the person, just make them comfortable, like make sure they can breathe and then call for professional help. I did at the time consider calling out for any nurses in the vicinity but I did not.  

It’s a hard call to call in such circumstances. You see there were other thoughts going through my mind at the time of this man falling. The real first thought or conscious perception was that the man was acting. Now I have had a lot of experience with fake beggars in my time especially as I have been associated with the established church and beggars are in to fleecing church people left right and centre. I mean church going Christians are the targeted gullible to these expert beggars. The Bible says that the Priest and Pharisee walked on the other side of the street on seeing an injured man but the Samaritan walked up to the injured man, put him on his donkey, took him to an Inn and paid for the mans lodgings. Beggars are street wise, they even know scripture from the Bible and it’s not beneath modern beggars of today to turn the scriptures to their advantage. 

So what do you think? What would you do to help that man today? I stood there transfixed, others helped, and I walked away. The man looked poor, he was cold but there’s a lot of people in his predicament all over Perth now a days – What can we do? The true Church can carry just so much of the burdens. It’s no good one person trying to help so many; I mean that is one reason why we are in the Church we are strong because we are many, we are not just one we are ONE in many. The poor can seek out Christ’s help; Christ can help out in Spirit. Christ works through the true Church. Seeking out mans help (apart from God) and getting help from mans strength and wisdom (apart from God) is a weak way of seeking help. Christ is in mind and Spirit in the true Church and such can move mountains if you believe. The poor should turn to Christ not to man. Christ is above and sees all and hears all. Man is weak in his own resources. Christ is eternal. The fool disdains God. The fool needs to be avoided as the fool believes his wisdom is wiser than Gods wisdom. So when a person comes to God through Christ, the whole true Church is involved. God is in the heart and mind of the true Church. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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