Knowledge of good and evil is in the Father God. Jesus did not bring in to this world knowledge of good and evil, Jesus just brought WISDOM of God in to this world. At no time in Jesus sojourning in this world did Jesus preach or teach the physical or social sciences as we know them today. The Father God knows the time and place for everything, Jesus does not know the such but Jesus in his wisdom He can work out such but not in their fullness. Wisdom of God is not knowledge of good and evil. 

Jesus sees the heart and knows the thoughts at heart level of all peoples. So according to these heart thoughts Jesus is abased or glorified. God the Father created this universe for Jesus. Jesus, knowing the true heart sentiment of all human hearts, as does the Father God also know such sentiments, the Father God acts on this sentiment as the true feelings from man to God. So a holocaust is no mean thing to God when people so debase Gods Son. The plumb line to man’s intentions are the intentions to the Wisdom of Christ and NOT the intentions to the knowledge of good and evil. Man chose knowledge of good and evil over the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Man continues to go after this knowledge rather than Jesus’ Wisdom. Clever???? No not at all. So a holocaust (fire) is a burnt sin offering. The world’s sin offering. God must get so angry at how the world debases the simple wisdom of Christ. 

Water and fire are the baptisms of cleansing. Water (the great flood on this earth) came first, fire comes second. Grim – yes.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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