Mankind turns away from God made to manmade.

You may say what is God made? Good question because in this life we humans are now getting confronted so much with MANMADE that we begin to forget that yes there is a God and he made his own creation. Mankind is now so immersed in his own MANMADE creations that mankind is now trying to forsake God made. 

Go out in to the country; see God made. Get away from the city of concrete and mortar, away from the plastic and brick; go out of the city, hear the bees humming, hear the birds chirping, yes birds do make a sound, see butterflies, hear a brook gushing, smell the vegetation, yes Gods creation smells, taste natural fruit off a tree. To turn away from God made to MANMADE is unnatural. God is natural. To turn away means to pervert. Every time I read the newspaper it’s about who sexually abused who. The news now a days often is about perversion, who perverted who. This generation seems to be an abused generation.  
What is the ultimate in MANMADE creation? I think it is robots that look like humans but have super abilities. Also man might create robotic life like animals and insects and birds that look like the real ones. So we have a pet robot dog or cat etc. 

There is the “Knowledge of good and evil”. God created the universe and made mankind in his likeness. Mankind got this knowledge and wants to create as God does. Man will make as God has made. Man will create replications of God made. Knowledge of good and evil is not all just about good, it is also about evil. Robots will have artificial intelligence and will be both good and evil. You will get good robots and you will get bad robots. Knowledge of good and evil certainly brought evil in to this world. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Utopia until they consumed knowledge. Scientists are trying now to manage knowledge of good and evil but such attempts of management are really futile as mankind craves to create. 
Mankind will go further and further virtual and try to get out of the real world and engulf him/her self in an artificial virtual world. In the mean time this natural creation will be further killed off. Kill Gods creation and live in a MANMADE artificial creation. 
God initially confronted mankind with knowledge “Don’t eat Knowledge” God said to the first humans; of course as we humans know when someone tells us not to do something and when they have gone we go and do that something, hey who do they think we are? We can do what we want, know one tells us what to do. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden in “Simple Bliss” and just like we humans are now they disobeyed God the Father. We all mess up. One big cock up from the beginning. And it’s been a series of cock ups ever since. Mankind is turning away (means perverted) from natural to unnatural. 
Knowledge will kill. 
Because knowledge is good and evil the sensible thing is to not have Knowledge at all because we may get good from knowledge but we also get evil so the bottom line is not to consume knowledge at all. There is a better way – WISDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom is a type of knowledge but but it is not the knowledge that God told Adam and Eve not to eat of. Wisdom is a practical knowledge, it is about behaviour. Jesus taught his wisdom to his disciples and we get this wisdom written down in the gospels. Paul and other Apostles also contributed to writing down Jesus wisdom. 
So to have Utopia again, as Adam and Eve had it from the beginning, we humans need to behave properly to one another and to do that we need to eat of the tree of WISDOM. Wisdom of God gives life, spiritual life, we are preserved, we look younger, we are healthy, we are strong. 
But mankind will never have utopia again (unless it happens in the future when Jesus rules on this Earth for one thousand years). Man will kill and kill and kill. Mankind will use knowledge to kill. As well as heal. Wars will come and go. Robots will kill robots. The war of the machines. Life as we know it in God will get further snuffed out. And man will live in virtual artificial environments. Mankind is so perverted.  
Wisdom of Jesus Christ, NOT the knowledge of good and evil, makes better society/community.
The Bible is full of wisdom not Knowledge of good and evil.
Epilogue – knowledge of good and evil

I am beginning to see knowledge from an above view where knowledge is looked at as being for good or evil. In other words people learn knowledge to use for good or evil. It’s like God is a God that sees good or evil. We have two sides to knowledge – good or evil. The purpose of life is good or evil depending on what side you are on. Satan the enemy is the Evil side and God is the good side. We have two sides to this life in this universe. Life is plainly light or dark. Two opposing forces. As one gets wiser we perceive life is about two sides – God and Satan. Satan we call the Evil One so it means that God we can call the Good One. You don’t learn knowledge unless you want to use it for Good or Evil, this is the true understanding. 
By eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mankind has the ability to do good or bad. 
Otherwise live in simple bliss and eat of wisdom. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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