And its spiritual associated weather.
Einstein was about the physical I am about the spiritual.

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.
A psychologist is saying you can be sad because of the cold winter weather.

I remember being sad for some of my life living in Wellington region New Zealand. Wellington has atrocious winter weather so that might account for my sadness. I hated the cold and wind in Wellington region. The weather might have attributed to my sadness in Wellington but I think there were many other factors contributing to my sadness in Wellington factors which seemed out of my control because they were spiritually connived.

The Bible says “A prophet is not honoured in his own country”. I myself relate to this verse. Kill the prophets. Stone the prophets. Prophets are Gods messengers. Stone the messengers. Curse the messengers.
I am far too strong now in Christ to bow down to pressure from out side forces to let evil into my heart and mind. Christ Jesus protects me. The clouds soon part over me and the sun shines often.
Weather of the soul/mind can be attributed a lot to words. And words come from mouths. And humans have mouths and speak words. There are thoughts too.

We humans are relational. We humans relate together. There is the church. I am talking about the body of Christ Church, not a building church. God lives in a living body. This living body is a human body. We humans of God are that living church body. God does not live in a building made of wood, concrete or brick but in a building of human flesh and we in God are that building. God lives in us of God. Immanuel, God within. So we humans are relational. But relational is specific to what body you are in. Because there is Christ’s body and there is Satan’s body. Then there are the lost. Do the lost live in a body? they must do but where are they in relation to God’s body and Satan’s body I do not know.
So Gods people live together in heart and mind. Satan’s people likewise live together in heart and mind. The two main bodies living on this earth. My life is in God’s body. I relate together with all God’s people. I relate in thought, word and deed. I am in a great big family of God. This family is the church, a living body church. Jesus teaches us to love one another. Love is of God, and love keeps the body healthy. The body is meant to grow in love. We in the family of God are commanded by God to love otherwise we are disobeying God the HEAD. The brains of the body work in true love. To hate is to go the way of unhealthy ness and the body (you your part in the body) gets sick.

We all in the body relate. Words are our relational tools. Heard of the saying “All things are relative”. God is the HEAD of the body of God’s people. Think wise and speak wise less your words come back and strike you. God is above listening and seeing (and tasting and smelling) and knows when each person in the body (below the God Head) sins. God hates sin.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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