Pornography is not about deepness it’s all shallow. In other words you don’t have to work at porn. But you have to work at true love. Porn is skin deep, there’s no deep love here. Porn fizzles out after minutes. True love is deep, enduring, satisfying and long lasting. Porn is short and does not really truly satisfy. You have to work to get pleasure and Porn works at nothing – Porn is just being a JERK. Women and girls dressed up to the nines in revealing attire are about JERKS. Jerks don’t want to work at love. True love really is hard work. Jerks are usually immature people. Immature people are weak and have little insight. True love means not just using your body but also using your head; using the senses and brain. Loving without using the brains is dead love. Brain dead love is mindless love and is not about the soul. Love needs to be a mind and spiritual connection with a flesh connection. When looking for a true mate for a long and satisfying love we look for a soul mate and first we must have a good connection with words. Words make the soul and human spirit. You must make many good true words with your mate.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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