Marriage can be like the beginning of a long journey where you pack your bags and carry a lot of baggage. So pack your suit cases it’s a long journey and we need??? to take a lot with us. For the complicated person the traveller sees baggage as part and parcel of travel. But remember you have to carry the baggage. 

The “Human Race” is so called a race because we run, we run to get the highest prize. We want to enter heaven, but we can not run fast if we are carrying heaps of baggage. The runners with the less baggage will win the race. So life is running against others. We want to be the winner. Carrying baggage will slow us down. Coming in to relationships with expectations is also baggage. Expectations is baggage. So we get married and both partners bring in to the marriage their baggage. It’s unwise to carry baggage. Complicated people carry baggage. Simplify ones life, carry little and run the race. Marriage is finding a mate that you can run together as one with. The race does not stop at getting married. Drop all your baggage. Get your needs on the way in the journey. God provides your needs in the race. Wants destroy relationship.

BUT many people are immature. Me thinks that a lot of mental illness is the result of immaturity. Why are some people immature and others mature? I do not know. Maybe immature people grow up in unnourished dysfunctional families where there is no proper true loving nourishment to spirit and soul. In other words there is no real Godly love. God is love. Even having parents pray sometimes for their children must help the children’s spiritual growth. Children growing up in dry unwatered soil will not take root properly. Water of life to spiritually grow comes from Gods Word. Sins of a family passed down the family tree also do not help. Sin cuts the light out and reduces insight. The blind leading the blind. So you get what we call the “Great unwashed”. These unwashed people are living in sin and live dirty lives whereas the “Washed” people are living in the light in clean lives. Dirty living in dirty nests (family homes) hinders maturity. Immature people come in to adult life without spiritual deepness and without spiritual light. Such people flounder in the world’s winds. These immature are not rooted enough so blow around with the currents. Such people can never attain much. Mental illness can be about spiritual growth (the lack of it). 

We get the “Born Agains”. The dirty unwashed people become clean and saved, saved from their sins, saved for heaven above. These people had left God. And their parents or grand parents or going back further or further may have sinned against God and left God (the family tree gets dirty and the rot sets in). These people became mindless and lived for the desires of their bodies. Such people gave up the God Head to worship the body and its desires over the mind of Jesus Christ. Their minds had become dull and dark. They were dirty thinkers living in the dirt of this world. The “Born Agains” confess their sins to God above and their human spirit becomes sane again and their soul gets saved. The “Born Agains” find it hard for a few generations to fit in with those who stayed with God. There is jealously and sometimes animosity. The prodigals are the “Born Agains” and think that God loves them more than the stay at homes (stayed with God). 

Arranged marriages have merit. Such can especially help those who are immature. Finding a mate can be very stressful. Older adults wiser in the ways of people can help younger people find a spouse. Young people looking for a mate, in their lack of wisdom can make the wrong choices. Older wiser adults can guide the less wiser person to a spouse who would be better suited for the person. 
Immature and mental illness can go together as I said. When the immature man or woman come in to sexual awareness they find it stressful coming to terms with sex because of their immaturity. Sexual thoughts then compound the mental illness thus furthering the illness. 
We must look to all things simple:- in what we carry; what we bring in to a relationship; what we understand about God; how we grow up; how we put our roots and grow down; how we understand truth and what we want from life. 
Reading the SIMPLE Words of God in the Bible puts a person on the true track. Otherwise we complicate our lives and get all wound up in baggage. Sin not. If we sin we pray confession to God above. We are human spirit and in spirit we must learn how to pray; how to understand God and how to love our soul in our head where we believe the soul is saved (Above). The human spirit needs to get one as much as possible with the Holy Spirit (in our heart) and seek to save the soul. Our mission is to save the soul through Jesus Christ. Jesus and only Jesus Christ Words can save the soul. We want a WISE human spirit. And the Holy Spirit gives to our human spirit gifts (Spirit gifts); these gifts (spirit persons) live beside us in(side) our heart. 
To understand maturity we think of growth and to think of growth we can look at plants. We grow up towards the light. We need light to grow. We also need water to grow. We need nourishment to grow. The mother needs to be a good place to grow down in to. And we must look to the father as a bringer of light. The home is where we start growing. And letting God in to our lives lets in the light. 
In my youth I did not know God and I really was in the dark. I at times sensed spiritual things but I could not understand them. I had no understanding. I had very little wisdom of God. I was learning from the world, the world’s ways. The world’s wisdom. I was of the world. In the way past I knew not Jesus Christ. I was in the wilderness at the mercy of the Devil. 

I was chosen and saved by God. I am a “Born Again”. I was given understanding. We do not always understand how God saves; to many salvation and growth is a mystery. But we can wonder at it. Just as we can wonder at a design of a snow flake when we see it under a microscope.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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