You live to work or you work to live. You eat to live or you live to eat. You die to live or you live to die.
Most people I perceive are not in their God given vocation. How does one find true vocation? First it’s SIMPLE. Second its not just about MONEY. Third it’s a PLAIN job. Fourth the job is STRAIGHTforward to you. Other people (in other true vocations) see your true vocation when you are working in your true vocation, complex, about money, difficult, and not straight. If you see your own vocation straight and simple you might be ok but if you see your vocation as bent and complex watch out. 

Most people now a days eat not because they need to eat but because they want to eat. It’s about piling the food in. In the old days people worked to eat. You worked because you needed food. Now people just eat to enjoy food. People love food now. It’s about people’s stomachs. Peoples god is their stomach. It’s not about NEEDS now a days, it’s about WANTS. I want to eat not I need to eat. 

We live to die but it should be we die to live. The seed is sown in the soil. The seed has to die to grow. We humans are in a mortal body a body that has to die for us to live. This life on earth is just a temporary life, we are sown as a mortal body to become an immortal body. But humans in their foolishness think that the seed is all there is. No the seed is just the beginning. The seed is necessary yes but the seed dies to grow a beautiful plant. A plant that grows fruit. And the cycle goes on. Seed comes from the fruit. 

A lot of people go to work during the day then go to the gym after work and work out. Am I missing something here? You go to work all day then do more work after work. Why? See a lot of people now a days work in offices. These people sit at desks all day. In the old days people worked outside all day and they did not need to work out at the end of the day. People in the old days worked, I mean literally worked, they worked with their hands and bodies. Now people go to work during the day, get paid for it then pay other people to work out after work. Why pay gyms to work out? Are not people really working out in their day time jobs in the offices? There must be plenty of jobs still available where people can really work out all day and get paid for it and not have to pay a gym to work out. But people say we do not want to work with our hands and bodies all day it’s too hard. But is it not hard work working out at a gym. Yes it’s very hard work at a gym. You get people going on a jog before work. It’s called exercise. So people working all day in the office are not exercising? Obviously I am missing something here. People work but are not working. So it’s about money, going after money. In the old days the people worked with their hands, they did work, they had no time for gyms. The irony of all this work is that people pay their money to work out. Why pay to work when you can work to get pay? People want the cushy jobs where they don’t have to work out. But their bodies tell them they need to work so it’s off jogging or its off to the gym. 

I see very few people in their true God given vocations. Are most people working in Vain? Yes. If you are not working for the God Head you are working in vain. But you might say I work hard, I work long hours, I help people, I make plenty of money, – but I say all is vain. Now when the archer fires an arrow, it’s about getting the Bulls eye. The wise archer gets the Bulls eye. But there are still points if you get near the Bulls eye. But no points for getting way clear of the Bulls eye. We children are like arrows in a quiver and the father fires each arrow; lets just hope our father is WISE. The foolish archer fires his arrows way off the mark. Let’s be children who submit to our father and obey. Foolish father, foolish son; wise father, wise son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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