The Summit. 
Leaders of many countries are together for two days of talks.

Obama and Merkel are seen together outside the hotel on the front lawn. 

The scenery is magnificent, beautiful mountains form the back drop and the weather is clear and sunny.   

Merkel and Obama are in relaxed conversation, both apparently see eye to eye on what they are discussing. 

That afternoon Obama is flying back to Washington. 

Mach 1 or 2 asks the pilot over the intercom.

Obama replies 2 I have much work to do back at the oval.

Back in the Oval Office Obama has his daily intelligence briefing.

Knock knock.

Who can that be? I am not to be disturbed.

Michele walks in to the room.

Sorry madam but the President is not to be disturbed, we are having a top secret discussion.

Barack, Barack, tell this man to shut up or I will shut him up.


Ok Barack you won’t do it I will.

F…. you and if you are not out of this room in 2 seconds you will feel my high heel in your face.

Sir sir.

Oh man get out. 

But sir the intelligence briefing.

Get out!

Now Barack where were you last night? You promised to read to Tessa. 

I was in Germany.

And what about Tessa?

I forgot.

So you think going to Germany is more important than reading a book to Tessa.

Darling I have work to do.

Yes you do have work to do and you are not doing it.

A military man enters the Oval Office.

Excuse me sir line 1.

Phone rings.

Excuse me dear I need to answer the phone.

Give me that phone. Hello hello who is it?

Who is that? I want to talk to the President.

Well you can talk to me.

Who is that?

The other half now what is it man you are disturbing my family.

Ma’am please put on the President we have a military situation of the highest importance.

Well tell me what’s the problem? I am the Presidents wife.

Ma’am we have a USA military surveillance plane over the South China Sea and it’s being threatened by Chinese airforce jets.

Michele give me the phone.

You lay a hand on me and I will call your mother. 

But dear people need me.

Need!!! You talk about need. When were you in bed with me last?

Ma’am what shall we do?

Instruct the pilot of our plane to land on the closest airfield.

But ma’am the closest airfield is on an island controlled by the Chinese.

Just do it.

Is that an order coming from the President?

It’s coming from me dummy.

But ma’am the Chinese might shoot our plane down.

How many people have we got on our plane?

Ten all up. 

Leave it to me you just get the plane to land.

Yes ma’am.

Darling where is that phone that you use to talk to the Chinese? Come on I know it’s one of these ones. Is it the red coloured phone?

But dear that’s a direct line to the President of China.

Yes it is the red phone. Hello hello.

A child runs in to the Oval Office.

Mum mum.

Not now sweetie mum is busy, talk to your father. 

Give me that phone Michele it’s only for official business.

I warned you your mother is going to know just what you are like. 

But dear it’s the President of China.

Hello hello.

Hello is that you President Obama.

Oh hello it’s Micelle here.

Oh Mrs President greetings.


How can I help Mrs President?

I just had a phone call from some dummy who says one of our military planes over the South China Sea is being bullied by your airforce jets. I told him to order our plane to land at the closest airfield which is on one of the islands that you have taken over. Be a darling and let our plane land. Oh and could you feed our plane crew in your canteen. Our plane crew must be famished. 

No worries Mrs President. Just a moment.

Waiting for 3 minutes.



Mrs President all is done. I hope lobster and cooked vegetables are to the crews liking.

What about dessert?

Oh yes that will be done too. Ice cream and apple pie.

Splendid. I must go my husband is boring me. 

How is the President?



Yes he thinks he’s commanding the world when at night he’s lousy.

Poor madam. 

Say hi to your wife and children.

Will do.

Must go I have urgent business to deal with.

Bye Mrs President.


Dear please stop it.

Barack you get up to our room and read to Tess. 

But dear I have important business.

You certainly have important business and it’s about time you did it. And there’s fixing the light bulb in my room.

But we can get the help to fix it.

Fix a bulb, you can change a bulb, what is happening to this world?

Ok dear. Come on Tessa up to our room.

A man walks into the Oval Office.


Later I have important business leave us.

But sir we need you.



Leave!! leave!!

Yes sir.

That night the news is full of the events of a USA military planes crew dining with the Chinese military personnel on one of the Spratly Islands. The USA crew on arriving back in the USA are hailed as heroes in peace making. 

Michelle is too busy that night to watch or hear the news. Michelle that night is helping Tessa with her homework. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

P.S. No disrespect meant to those people mentioned in writings. My message here is that sometimes we forget the real plot. I love the people of the USA and I think Barack is a worthy leader.


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