“The heart is deceitful and corrupt”: Jeremiah 17: 9,10

We get people who are so called wise and intelligent and they say follow your heart. I think these so called clever people saying follow your heart are people who are basically immature. A mature minded person knows reason or what we call wisdom leads us or should lead us. Reason is to question Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? To Reason is to be rational. Wisdom of God is to be reasonable – QUESTION.

 Answers come after questioning and we question to get to the TRUTH. The truth sets us free. When we question with the Holy Spirit along side us in our hearts we get the right answers. Our HUMAN SPIRIT needs to learn to QUESTION. We learn from asking questions. 
Immature people follow the heart. Mature people follow the HEAD. The HEAD rules not the heart. The Head is the brains and the brains give the orders. The Heart is not the brains. The heart does not rule the body. God is the God Head.  We know the GOD HEAD as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But how is the Holy Spirit in the God Head when the Holy Spirit is in the Heart? I think the Holy Spirit comes from the HEAD but it resides in the heart of the ELECT. The God Head is the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. The human spirit needs to understand that the mind of God in the head rules. 
But for our minds to rule we need our minds to be converted (transformed) in to minds of God. Conversion takes time. In the mean time the young elect fumble along with their heart and its associated feelings and these feelings have a lot of control until the head comes on line fully. When the head is fully mature in the thinking of God we are able to then have more control over the body (the church) and then we are able to fulfil Gods intentions for our lives.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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