Its peculiar about the mind set between the USA and Russia. I mean the two mind sets are different, they are enemies BUT why is this? Why there non compatibility between the USA and Russia? Russia seems to be allied to China and North Korea and what we call rogue states, these rogue states are rogue to the USA. 

So who is on the right here? Russia or the USA. The USA has its allies, the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. So in this world we see opposing forces at work, and forces usually work for the good or bad. And who are the bad and good here? Is Russia and China and its allies on the DARK SIDE and is the USA and its allies on the LIGHT SIDE? To me it looks that way. And will China in the future dominate the dark side? The DRAGON.

The Bible says light overcomes the darkness and darkness can not overcome light. It’s true; you can shine a torch in the dark but you can not shine darkness in the light. So God is light and light always wins, it’s meant to, it’s programmed that way by God.

(1) Light overcomes dark

(2) Light is good dark is bad

(3) Good overcomes evil

Such sayings 1 and 2 and 3 are mandatory, they are set Spiritual laws and can not be changed. Satan would have to destroy God to change such set laws.

It looks like we have two main sets of opposing forces in this world:
(1) We have Israel (the Jews) and his opposing half brother (the Arabs).
Israel and his half brother will fight it out to the death in the battle called “Armageddon”. 

(2) We have the USA with its allies and its opposition China with its allies. 
Now the USA could be called “The Good Shepherd” and China could be called “The Dragon”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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