RELATIONSHIP – starts at home

I had a doctors appointment and I had about 20 minutes on hand so I wandered outside in to the mall and sat down on public seating. It was a lovely fine sunny day. My eyes wandered over to a lady standing by a trolly full of what looked liked magazines. She looked quite attractive but my thoughts went deeper than that. The magazines looked like they were of a religious nature. I guessed this lady was a Jehovah Witness. 

I thought “What is real religion?”. I remembered that the Bible pointed out that true religion was helping widows and orphans. But I thought on and came to another conclusion “True religion is when one is in a right relationship with ones parents”. But to me it still goes deeper “A girl or woman in a right relationship with their mother is good religion and a boy or man in a right relationship with their father is good religion”. 
So I see that relationship starting off good in a family is the ideal starting point for good true religion. So when I see the religious people preaching love and forgiveness and yet these same people do not get on with their parents I ask myself; these people have not even started off well. 

I looked at this religious lady in the mall and I considered was she in a good relationship with her mother otherwise she is just wasting her time. 
So evangelicals need to get their own house in order before you try and get someone else’s house in order.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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