Banks charge us for taking our own money out of the bank THEN we should charge the banks for us putting our own money in to the banks. 
Tit for tat. 

The banks want our money, the banks pay us a commission or call it just a fee to get our money. The more money the banks get from us the more we charge the bank for getting our money. 
So each time we deposit money say $100 and up we charge the bank a fee; say 10 % of the deposit amount. Call it a deposit fee charge. Banks can if they like look at this fee as a fee so we bank at a particular bank and not at another bank. 
Forget interest here I am taking about basic transaction bank accounts. And interest rates are a joke. Who regulates interest rates for banks? Does the reserve bank regulate interest rates for banks? if they do where do I laugh or better cry. 
Both can play at this game. 
Do the banks want our money? Pay us to get it. 
Banks do not have enough competition. 

There are four main banks in Australia and they seem to be owned by the same whoever. These four main banks act like a cartel. We need more banks in the game so as to make competition in banking stronger. Banks at the moment just walk over the public, it’s so easy just to take our money. The four main banks in Australia are so big that they can freeze any outside competition and nip it in the bud before it starts. No upstarting banks have a show of competing with the main banks because the main banks have enough money to even buy the competition out.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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