SISTERS, SECRETS, AND SACRIFICE: The true story of WW2 special agents Eileen and Jacqueline Nearne written by Susan Ottaway.

A true story. I loved reading this book. Eileen was 23 years old when as a English secret agent (S.O.E.) Special Operations Executive she was landed in France and was a wireless operator in Paris. The gestapo caught her, tortured her and incarcerated her in Ravensbrück Concentration camp. Eileen escaped and lived to an old age to die in 2010. 

My thoughts were: That such atrocities like what happened in these concentration camps can only be kept alive in mind and heart by those who suffered the atrocities and are still already living in mind and heart. Those who kept their lights burning and were in these camps and then their lights burn out the atrocities will burn out of the hearts and minds of everyone and we are just left with written words. Words are ok in print but it’s people alive with soul and (human spirit) that keep alive what thoughts they may have. People that die take with them their memories and their light. We can not resurrect (happens only to the children of light in the Second Coming of Jesus) dead people’s light so in the next generation of people all people who suffered the atrocities of WW2 will have died and those who live after their deaths will not have the same concern and may probably do the same or similar things that the Nazis did. A fool goes back to its vomit and we have a world of fools. The wise in this world are shining lights just as there are stars in the heavens. The more wise people in this world the better. Heavenly stars give light.
Words are only kept alive by spirit. Words are alive with spirit. But when we humans die our human spirit dies too. Our memories then all die because they are not alive. Written words does not mean that such words are alive. If we die we die to our own written and spoken words. So authors who die, their words die with them, only spirit makes words alive. When we die we sleep. We wait for the Second Coming of Jesus to resurrect us spirit, soul and body. When we sleep after we die, sleeping is a type of death, but is only a death in waiting, waiting for the resurrection. 

Now Jesus lives in Spirit and He still lives, He does not die again, He did die but he came back to life and lives. Jesus Christ’s Spirit keeps Jesus Words alive. The Bible Words are alive, alive in Spirit. Jesus lives, His Words live. We read the Holy Scriptures and we read living Words. But with dead people and their books their words are dead. Jesus was and is immortal; we humans are not immortal we are mortal but in the ‘Second Coming’ the children of light do become immortal. So a lot of writing is dead writing from now dead people. We might as well be eating dead corpses.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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