It was 1999 I had arrived for my first interview with a faculty member of Bible College. I was hoping to be accepted as a live on site student. I sat in front of Graeme (his real name) and considered some of his words. Graeme conveyed to me a man that was used to hard work. I could see in his face that he was living hard, I thought he had high blood pressure. This was a man that seldom was idle. But his full on must have been taking its toll on his health. Graeme let slip a few words that were insightful. I have on a few occasions considered those particular words he let slip and such has made me think of deeper things. Graeme said in an around about way that life is meant to be objective not subjective. 

I have thought on these two words, objective and subjective and have wanted to understand those two words more. To me objective is the outer and subjective is the inner. Graeme made me think that being subjective is not good, it is being idle and not productive. I myself see that being subjective is good as being objective is good. I see there has to be a balance. One of the balances is recognising the inner life and outer life equally. Too much objectivity can not be good on health and too much subjectivity can not be good for health. We must seek balance. I gleaned very little insights from Bible College but Graeme and his objectivity was one of the few insights that went with me. Bible College was not really about insights, Bible College was about intelligence and intellect. The high intelligent people thrive in scholarly pursuits but alas the low intelligent students are just rowing a boat with small oars. High intelligence at College is rewarded. Tonight I mused on Graeme and his objectivity. I knew he was a success but I thought it was costing him. 

What is it to be subjective? You could pray to be subjective. You could read the Bible to be subjective. You can also meditate, think, reflect. So what is it to be objective? You can do work with your hands, you can converse with other people, you can read books, you can watch videos, in other words activity of the body and mind to do with what’s out there. Subjective is inner, the inner man and his relationship with an inner invisible God. You could say objective is the physical and subjective is the invisible or what we call spirit. Jesus Christ is both physical and spiritual, half and half. So to be very balanced we need to give half our time to the spiritual activities and half our time to the physical activities. Graeme made me think that being too subjective is not good and he’s right but in his case being too objective is not good.  
I considered Graeme and his blood pressure. I saw a man all steamed up. I thought “what is it about old people and their learning”. Graeme was older in years but not very old. I thought of the Holy Scripture: “Do not put new wine in to old wine skins”, “Put new wine in to new wine skins”. So people in their youth have youthful skins (young flesh), their skin is relatively new. Young people can fill themselves up with new knowledge. But old people (old flesh) find it hard to accept new knowledge. So putting new knowledge in the old skins (old flesh) of old people does not work, you get high blood pressure (the skins will burst) the heart can not take it. Old people hate the new knowledge of say computers and smart phones. Old people do not want to learn new technology. I still find a lot of old people do not have computers or smart phones. 

The heart to me is a simple pump (no lie). The heart needs simplicity feeding it. The human spirit is in the heart and to feed the human spirit complexity will bring much pressure on the simple heart. People put so much complexity in to their hearts via their human spirit that many people have heart problems in later life. We must look after our hearts. The Holy Scriptures of the Bible are the simple food to feed the heart and keep the heart in good health and keeping the heart in good health means the body will be healthy. The human spirit learns from the Words in the Bible. The words in the Bible make our human spirit wise. The simple become wise. The simple truth makes us wise. 

Graeme meant well but I knew his interpretation of being objective and subjective was wrong. I too was wrong as I have been in the past too much subjective and not enough objective. It’s so hard keeping a balance. The saints of the Roman Catholic Church were obviously too subjective and in cases extremely subjective. Subjective can mean being introspective. Being too much introspective can look unbalanced. These Roman Catholic saints in many numbers died at a young age because they were too subjective, they were extreme and such causes unhealthy ness. So begin the day begin with prayer and reading the Bible. Get subjective first in the day and then throw yourself in to objective activities but inter mix the physical activities with prayer and bible readings throughout the day. The best result is half the day time in prayer, bible reading, reflection, and the other half of the day time in physical pursuits. 
I thought further, I considered again “thoughts”; simple thoughts and how the heart reacts to our thinking. At the end of the day at night you retire to bed, you want to sleep but sleep might not come for quite a while. The heart is sifting through your thought intake for the day and trying to bring all your thoughts down to the simple truth. Your heart is simple and needs simplicity for it to be at rest and sleep. The heart does not stop in sleeping but it needs a simple beat to be at rest. So when we retire in the evening the heart will beat and beat hard until all is in simple mode in your thinking. Many people have insomnia now a days because most people feed their hearts with complex thinking. Many people take medications to get to sleep and alas many people take illegal hard drugs to get to sleep or just rest. The world is complex and it will get even more complexed. 

I considered Graeme (his real name) again and wondered what his true calling was and scouting came to mind, a scout master. There must be paid jobs in scouting say at scout head offices. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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